Chassis electric cabinet

1. In the past, the chassis and electrical cabinet industry was often manufactured in large quantities and a single type. With the changes in market demand, the characteristics of the current stage are small batches and multi-variety processing, so the chassis is required Electric cabinet companies must respond quickly to market demand. Traditional processing methods need to make molds, so the production efficiency is relatively low, and the application of laser cutting machines can quickly respond to market demand, save mold manufacturing time, and improve production efficiency.

2. Nowadays, the materials of the cabinet electric cabinet are turned to metal materials, and the cabinet electric cabinet is widely used in various industries, and the quality requirements are also higher. As we all know, the laser cutting machine is even more ingenious in cutting metal. It can achieve no burrs, burrs, and superb craftsmanship on the edge of the chassis steel plate. Traditional shears, turret punching, and plasma cutting machines basically cannot meet customer needs. For example, when customers require many high-precision, personalized products to be delivered, they cannot achieve their quality results. If you want to entrust outsourcing processing, Time cannot be guaranteed and corresponding fees need to be paid, which will cause great losses.

 3. The advanced application of the metal laser cutting machine saves more production costs for the mechanical electrical cabinet manufacturing industry and creates a more efficient production cycle. However, the past large-scale, simple design, and long production cycle of the chassis and electrical cabinet industry design had to follow the modern market demand to reform the cutting process.

The recommended machine for the chassis and electrical cabinet industry is the speed of high-precision plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine FGG (1000W-3000W)

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