Suda Laser

F12000 High Power Sheet metal cutter Series

Industrial independent cabinet
Industrial steel welding machine body under heat treatment with fireproof brick protection
Suit for 6-12kw

Suda Laser

SUDA F3000 Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Plate form laser cutting machine with option of rotary device
Industrial steel welding machine body under heat treatment suit for 1-3kw

Suda Laser

SUDA G6000 Series Professional Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Tupe&Pipe

0 tailing processing
Dia: 10-220mm (Support 120mm,280mm,350mm,430mm,520mm)
Tube length: 6000m, 9000mm,12000mm
Optional auto loading and unloading device

Suda Laser


Based on over 30 years of experience, we develop innovative comprehensive laser systems. Our laser machines, powerful software and high-quality materials are perfectly matched.

SUDA F6000 Laser cutting machine

SUDA®Sheet Laser Cutter Series F6000

Series Offers:
  • Laser power from 1500W to 30000W
  • Working area:1530,1630,2040,2060,2580
  • Laser source recommend: SUDA Laser source,IPG,Raycus,MAX
  • Application:Kitchenware, Automotive manufacturing, Fitness equipment, Advertising metal, Sheet metal processing, Shipbuilding Industry, Construction etc
  • Technical service: On-site installation and training provided

SUDA® Pipe Laser Cutter Series G6000

Series Offers:
  • CProfessional pneumatic chuck,220mm,280mm,360mm,380mm,430mm,520mm
  • CWorking length:6000mm,9000mm,12000mm
  • CLaser power from 1500W to 6000W
  • CTechnical service: On-site installation and training provided
Laser pipe cutting machine
Laser pipe cutting machine

SUDA® Laser welder Series SD2000

Series Offers:
  • Laser Power:1500W to 3000W
  • Independent air duct design for better cooling performance
  • Free technical service on line till whole machine life
  • 3 times welding efficiency than traditional welding machine

SUDA® CNC Router Series S8

Series Offers:
  • Industrial heavy duty structure with high temperature quenching
  • Table moving with all 3 axis ball screw transmission
  • CCD camera and Oscillation knife for soft material
  • Focus on high precision mode,all kinds of advertising material,woodworking furniture etc
  • Technical service: On-site installation and training provided
CNC Router Series S8
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Construction Service

SUDA,30 years focus on

R&D, Manufacturing and Technical Service of All kinds of CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines and CNC Routers We provide not only high-quality equipment,But also Advanced technology and Customized services

The company's existing products: high-precision fiber laser cutting machine, high-precision mini word machining center, heavy-duty moving column CNC machining center, heavy-duty fixed-column CNC machining center, VANGUARD series large CNC engraving machine, multi-process CNC machining center, Speed up super pioneer series, speed up high precision engraving machine, Hercules series CNC engraving machine, small cyclone series CNC engraving machine, large CNC laser cutting machine etc.,


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