Medical instruments

1. Speaking of the topic of the development of medical devices in China, many industry experts and scholars have specifically done research, and the results may need to be explained by the length of the paper. But undoubtedly the prospects are considerable. Take a very simple example, household appliances. With the enhancement of people's health knowledge, household medical devices such as thermometers, blood pressure meters, blood glucose meters, etc., which are family units, have begun to be popularized. China's huge population, coupled with the transformation of the nation's consumer health consciousness, has brought huge room for growth to the entire industry.


2. In recent years, the average annual growth rate of medical equipment has reached 17%, accounting for 50%-60% of the domestic medical enterprise market capacity. This is due to the high-speed development of medical technology, and it is also closely related to the improvement of the level of sheet metal processing in China. Inseparable, medical equipment has also experienced a slow period to a stop period. At that time, medical equipment was restricted by the level of traditional sheet metal processing. With the emergence of new fiber laser cutting machines, China's medical equipment has been improved in quality, production capacity, and research and development speed. Qualitatively, medical equipment plays an increasingly important role in the 21st century. It concerns human life, health and safety, and therefore its requirements for processing accuracy are particularly high. The emergence of fiber laser cutting machine is precisely to cater to the requirements of this era. It provides high-quality parts and components for the precision manufacturing of medical devices, and protects people's lives and health from the source.


3. The laser cutting machine can process very small wedge angles, high aspect ratio cutting parts, irregular shapes, etc., with small slits, smooth cutting sections, and high cutting accuracy. Laser cutting technology has also begun to spread in the medical device manufacturing industry. It can be foreseen that the future prospects are very impressive.


 Since the medical device industry has relatively high precision requirements for laser cutting machines, FC2040 (1000W-3000W) is high recommended

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