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Car manufacturer

Many parts inside and outside the car are laser welded, cut or marked. Through the following examples, we can understand the various application methods of laser in the automobile manufacturing industry.

1. Drivetrain: The drive axle housing is composed of formed steel plates. The laser beam welds the formed steel plate to the end of the drive axle where the whole set of processing operations have been completed. In this process, the laser welded a 12.5 mm deep I-shaped weld in 17 seconds, without deformation and without subsequent processing.

2. Thermoforming: The characteristics of advanced cars are not only better driving performance and lower fuel consumption, but also meet the stringent requirements of new crash standards. This is mainly achieved through the use of ultra-high-strength steel plates in the cockpit, such as hot-formed martensitic stainless steel plate 22MnB5. Throughout the press hardening process, the laser can exhibit excellent performance in many aspects: coating the forming and cutting tools with wear-resistant coatings, flexibly cutting parts, connecting various components by laser welding, and marking on the parts to achieve Traceability.

3. Body unit: Laser welding seams appear, for example, on the roof, body side panels and floor panels. High strength, slenderness and perfect performance, so that you can spray paint on these welds without subsequent processing.

4. Operating elements: speedometer, tachometer, window regulator, radio button, protective cover of navigation system or shift slot of automatic gearbox are all laser marked. These operating elements are made of transparent plastic, coated with one or two layers of paint, such as black paint or silver paint. The laser peels off the topcoat, creating a mark. During the day, the strong contrast between the plastic and the top coat makes it easy to see the markings. At night, the LEDs behind these operating elements illuminate the signs.

We recommended the machine speed of the automobile manufacturing industry reaches GM3000-4015 (1500W)

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