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1. The development history of kitchen utensils has a long history. Generally speaking, everything is advancing with the times. Modern people's time concept is getting stronger and stronger, the efficiency requirements are higher, and the pursuit of food tastes is also different. According to the forward-looking "Market Demand and Investment Planning Analysis Report of China's Kitchen Equipment Industry", at this stage, many hotel kitchen supplies on the market adopt European-style fashionable and simple appearance art design concepts, combined with Chinese cooking habits, which can effectively achieve good kitchen fume absorption. The effect is a low-carbon and environmentally friendly technology for absorbing kitchen fume.

2. With the continuous enhancement of the comprehensive strength of large-scale enterprises, the entire industry will face a new round of "shuffle". Small and weak hotel kitchenware companies will withdraw from the market during the "shuffle", and the entire industry will grow more healthily. Domestic brands will continue to narrow the gap with foreign brands. In the next period of time, hotel kitchenware companies will develop in the direction of scale, automation, and modernization; products will develop in the direction of quality, individualization and humanization, and services will develop in the direction of specialization, collaboration and convenience. As the profit of the industry rises and prices fall, the overall income will tend to be stable and transparent.

3. At present, the kitchen market is basically dominated by stainless steel. In the future, the scale of the stainless steel kitchenware market will continue to expand. The market demand will remain strong, and the annual compound growth rate will remain above 10%. This will bring good market development opportunities for domestic enterprises. 

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