Laser welding machine debugging method


1. Basic parameter settings of equipment

Before laser welding, you need to set the basic parameters of the laser welding machine, including laser power, pulse width, repetition rate, etc. Generally speaking, equipment manufacturers will provide a equipment parameter table to select appropriate parameters according to different welding materials and welding requirements.


Second, beam trajectory correction

The accuracy of the beam trajectory has a crucial influence on the quality of the weld. Therefore, before welding, the correction of the beam trajectory is required. The specific steps are:

1. Adjust the lens and sight so that the beam is exactly perpendicular to the working surface.

2. Adjust the position of the X, Y, and Z axes so that the working surface intersects the beam plane.

3. Make welding zero point setting.


Third, welding parameter debugging

The debugging of welding parameters is the most important step in the commissioning of laser welding machines. The quality of welding and the level of efficiency all depend on whether this step of debugging is appropriate. The specific steps are as follows:


1. Select the laser power according to the welding material, and it is generally recommended to set it to the minimum value.

2. Adjust the welding speed according to the material thickness, penetration requirements, etc.

3. Adjust the focus so that the welding point is exactly at the optimal focal position.

4. Adjust the spot size to ensure that the spot size of the welding point is appropriate.

5. Adjust the pulse width and repetition rate according to actual needs.


Forth. Welding quality inspection

After the welding is completed, the welding quality needs to be inspected, including the quality of the weld, the appearance of the weld, etc. If welding quality problems are found, it is necessary to gradually adjust the parameters to improve the welding quality.



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