Laser welding machine installation and test acceptance standard steps Laser welding debugging steps

A. Check the reference light source, especially the red semiconductor laser, which is the benchmark of the optical path to ensure its accuracy;


B. Adjust the output mirror, the accurate position of the output dielectric diaphragm should be the exit hole that makes the red light located in its center position and can reflect the red light back to the red light, otherwise it should be carefully adjusted through the knob (knob) of the diaphragm holder;


C. Check the installation position of the YAG rod: use transparent adhesive paper to stick it at both ends of the YAG rod sleeve to observe whether the red light spot is in the middle position of the two rod sleeves, and if there is a deviation, it should be corrected by adjusting the position of the condensing cavity.


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The customer conducts on-site training, and the training service is satisfied before the acceptance slip can be signed, and the acceptance is qualified.

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