Laser cutting machine dust removal equipment

Laser cutting machine dust removal equipment, laser cutting dust collector is a kind of smoke purification equipment widely used to remove harmful smoke, particles and dust generated during laser cutting processing.

With the wide application of laser cutting machine in the metal and non-metal cutting process, high-energy laser makes the cut metal and non-metal quickly vaporize the harmful smoke, particles and dust generated.

Laser cutting dust collector can prevent environmental pollution, reduce the harm of harmful substances to the health of workers, and prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases, mainly pneumoconiosis.

It has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible use and small footprint.

Working principle of laser cutting dust collector:

The laser cutting dust collector is a dust removal equipment that absorbs and purifies the toxic and harmful gases generated in the welding process such as laser cutting, laser welding and argon arc welding through filter element filtration and purification.

The main components of laser cutting dust collector include universal suction arm, high temperature resistant suction hose, suction hood (with air volume control valve), flame retardant mesh, flame retardant high-efficiency filter element, pulse blowback device, pulse solenoid valve, differential pressure meter, clean room, activated carbon filter, sinking drawer combination, flame retardant sound absorbing cotton, new caster brake, fan, ABB motor, electric cabinet, etc.

The welding and cutting flue gas is sucked into the air inlet of the laser cutting dust collector through the universal vacuum cleaner, and a flame retardant is provided at the air inlet of the purification and treatment equipment, and the flame retardant will block the spark. The soot gas enters the settling chamber, and under the action of gravity and updraft, the coarse dust settles directly to the ash hopper, and the fine dust is captured to the outer surface. The clean gas is filtered and purified by a filter element and flows from the center of the filter element into the clean room.


Advantages of laser cutting machine dust removal equipment

First of all, the size of the equipment, this laser cutting dust removal equipment has a compact structure, the whole is almost small, and equipped with casters, easy to handle, easy to install, does not occupy the factory area; It is also very convenient if there is a need for temporary mobile equipment during the operation.

Then there's its performance. This equipment is equipped with high-efficiency fan and high-quality nano filter material, with large air volume, high dust collection efficiency, and good purification effect, and the smoke purification rate can reach 99%. And the noise when the equipment is running is extremely low, which will not bring additional noise pollution to the workshop.

Last but not least, the management and maintenance of this device is very simple. The equipment is equipped with a high-efficiency automatic pulse blowback system, which can realize effective automatic ash cleaning, which greatly saves labor maintenance costs and extends the service life of the filter cartridge!

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