Precautions for the use of handheld laser welding machine


1. Preparation before work

Staff should wear radiation-proof glasses and safety protective clothing to ensure the safe production of staff


2. welding machine protection

It cannot be used together with arc welding machines (argon arc welding, spot welding) to prevent circuit reflow from causing damage to the parts of the laser welding machine


3. In use

When we use the laser welding machine, we should pay attention to the welding head can not be aimed at any part of the body, nor can we directly put the welding head on the ground to prevent dust from affecting it

Note that the bending radius of the fiber bellows should not be less than 20cm to prevent the optical fiber from being burned


4. After use

If you need to leave temporarily during use, you need to click the "Stop" button to make the laser welding machine enter the standby state, shut down after work, and also press the "Stop" button to turn off the equipment first

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