What are the basic requirements for the use of oxygen in laser cutting

Oxygen is often used as a cutting gas in laser cutting because it reacts with the material being cut, creating an exothermic reaction that helps speed up the cutting process.


The requirements for oxygen in laser cutting may vary depending on the type of material being cut and the thickness of the material. Here are some general guidelines for oxygen requirements in laser cutting:


Purity: The purity of oxygen used in laser cutting should be at least 99.5%. This ensures that there are no impurities that could adversely affect the quality of the cut.


Flow rate: The flow rate of oxygen will depend on the thickness of the material being cut. In general, thicker materials require higher flow rates to ensure an accelerated cutting process.


Pressure: The oxygen pressure used in laser cutting should be high enough to ensure that oxygen is delivered to the cutting area at an adequate rate. However, the pressure should not be too high, as this can cause turbulence in the air flow and lead to uneven cutting.


Nozzle size: The nozzle size used in laser cutting depends on the thickness of the material being cut. In general, thicker materials require larger nozzles to ensure that the oxygen flow is sufficient to support the cutting process.


Distance from material: The distance between the nozzle and the material being cut also affects the oxygen demand of laser cutting. In general, the closer the nozzle is to the material, the higher the oxygen flow rate to ensure efficient cutting.


In general, the oxygen requirement for laser cutting depends on a variety of factors, including the type and thickness of the material being cut, as well as the characteristics of the laser cutting system used. When selecting, it is necessary to understand the requirements of the laser cutting equipment in advance to determine the best oxygen setting for the specific application.



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