What are the commonly used consumables for fiber laser cutting machine


1. Reflective lens: In a typical laser system, there may be only one or two transmissive optical elements, usually used as the output mirror and the focusing lens at the end of the laser cavity; On the other hand, in some other laser systems, there may be five or more reflective lenses. Reflective lenses are used as tail mirrors and reflectors in laser cavities, as well as in beam steering in beam delivery systems;


2. Protection lens: the main function of laser protection lens is to block the splash of debris, prevent the splash from damaging the lens, and plate the two sides with an antireflection film with a high damage threshold to reduce reflection;


3. Nozzle: It can assist the rapid ejection of gas, which can effectively prevent debris such as molten stains from rebounding upward, and then protect the focusing mirror. At the same time, it can control the gas diffusion area and size, which will affect the cutting quality of the fiber laser cutting machine. At the same time, the size of the nozzle aperture will vary according to the thickness of the cutting material.

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