How to typesetting of Fiber Laser Cutting machine to high efficiency?

Before using the fiber laser cutting machine, it is necessary to import the product drawings into the system program, and then use the typesetting software to arrange as many products as possible on the board, so as to make better use of the board. Typesetting will have a great impact on the cutting of the entire board, so typesetting also needs to be treated carefully. The following are some common typesetting precautions.Machine to high efficiency

1. Corner melting

When cutting the corners of the sheet at a slow speed, the cutting path is still in a straight line, and the sharp corners are prone to melting due to overheating, which is especially common when cutting thin sheet materials. A smaller radius can be set at the corner to keep the laser cutting machine cutting at a high speed, avoiding the overheating and melting of the steel plate, reducing the cutting time, and improving the overall cutting quality.

2. Common edge cutting

Combining graphics with common sides into an overall combination, the side length that originally needs to be cut twice now only needs to be cut once, and the common side cutting can greatly reduce the cutting path and thus reduce the cutting time. After multiple parts are combined, there is no reserved space between the parts, and the raw material of the plate can also be saved.

3. Waste removal

After the fiber laser cutting machine cuts small parts, there will be a large area of skeleton on the table. The equipment with automatic feeding is easy to clean these materials, but for the equipment that requires manual cutting, the sharp large-area skeleton material is easy to operate cause personal injury. The skeleton can be cut along the way when cutting small parts, and the whole skeleton can be cut into small pieces for better cleaning later.

4. Spacing between parts

Usually when cutting thick plate and hot plate, the interval between parts should be larger, because the thermal influence of the hot plate of thick plate has a great influence. When cutting corners and small figures, it is easy to burn the edges and affect the cutting quality.

5. Lead setting

When cutting thick plates, in order to make the cutting connection smoother and prevent the two ends from being burned, transition lines are usually introduced at the beginning and end of the cutting, which are called lead lines and tail lines. Lead wires and tail wires are outside the workpiece, but care should also be taken not to set them in positions that are not easy to dissipate heat. On the premise of not wasting too much plate, they should be set in the gaps between the gaps to make the cutting smooth.


6. Part collision

In many cases, in order to maximize the benefits, the fiber laser cutting machine will work automatically 24 hours a day, and the danger is greater when it is unattended. When the part is tilted after cutting, the cutting head may hit the part, causing serious damage to the equipment. The cutting path should avoid the risk of the part being lifted, or cut with a micro-joint, and the workpiece can be removed by gently tapping the plate afterwards.

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