How to judge if the laser cutting speed is proper or not

         With all the development of laser technology,High- power laser cutting machine may use air compressor when cutting carbon steel materials of even more than 10 mm thickness.The cutting performance and speed are better when comparing to individuals with low and moderate power limit power cutting.

         Not simply gets the gas cost on the method reduced, and the cutting speed can be several occasions higher than before.It is getting a lot more popular among metal processing industry.The very high- power fiber laser beam cutting machine technology has obvious advantages when cutting metal components of various thicknesses.

        And you need to choose the correct cutting speed, otherwise it might cause several poor cutting results.What is influence through the cutting speed of high-power fiber laser cutter?The key indications are below: 

    1. When the  cutting speed is much fast, it may cause the undesirable results:

     ① The trend of inability to cut and random sparks

     ②The cutting surface has oblique stripes, and burning stains have been in the lower half

     ③The whole section is generally thicker, and virtually no melting stain

    2. If the laser cutting speed is too slow, it can cause:

    ①The cutting surface is rough, resulting in over- melting

    ②The slit becomes wider and melts in the sharp corners

    ③Get influence of the cutting effiency

      Therefore, in order to make the ultra-- high- power fiber laser cutting machine has the better cutting performance,you'll be able to judge in the event the feed speed would work from the cutting spark in the laser equipment:

   1. In the event the sparks spread throughout from top to bottom , what this means is the cutting speed is suitable,

   2. In the event the spark tilts backwards, this implies the cutting speed is too quickly,

   3. When the sparks seem to be non- spread and fewer, and condense together, this suggests the speed is too slow.

With a good and stable laser cutting machine, as well excellent online afterserivce on time is also important.

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